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Your care team

Every member of the Icon team
is here to help.


Every member of the Icon team is here to help. Here are some of the team members you may meet and the role they have in your care.

  • Radiation Oncologists are specialist doctors who prescribe radiation therapy treatments for different types of cancer, and oversee the management of care for patients during radiotherapy. At Icon, we have an internationally recognised cohort of specialists who have trained at world-renowned hospitals and have been published in international journals.
  • Radiation Technologists are responsible for the delivery of your daily radiation treatments.
  • Nurses will support you throughout many areas of your treatment and overall wellbeing, including administering your chemotherapy, monitoring your symptoms and managing any side effects. Your nursing team can answer any questions you may have and provide additional sources of information regarding your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Administration team will coordinate your treatment at the centre, including appointment bookings, billing and connecting you with external support services. If you have any questions or are ever unsure who to talk to, our administration team can help.
  • Medical Physicists play an important role in quality assurance to ensure our radiation treatment machines are maintained according to regulatory standards and that our working environment abides by high quality radiation safety policies. They conduct regular quality checks on the the machine and oversee safety and assist radiation oncologists and dosimetrists with the planning of treatments and are also responsible for calibrating the machine when first installed.
  • Dosimetry Specialists are responsible for developing your radiation therapy plan. These highly specialised professionals are based in Australia and are well-regarded in the field of radiation therapy planning. They use advance software systems and unique auditing tools to create high-quality treatment plans for patients for all types of cancers. The team deliver treatment plans via a robust and highly secure network and can efficiently remotely communicate with your doctor and care team in China to ensure patients receive the best possible care.