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Radiation therapy technology

At Icon we are equipped with the latest, world-class radiation therapy technology and treatment techniques.

Our Technology

As an international organisation, Icon invests in the latest cancer treatments and technologies to be able to provide the best possible care to patients.

We are global partners of Varian Medical Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating and managing cancers. Together we are able to provide the latest technologies and treatment approaches across our international network designed to deliver the best possible care safely and effectively. Icon has continued to be early adopters of new technology and have played a prominent part in the development of radiation therapy techniques and treatments approaches. We have been at the forefront of delivery the latest radiation treatments and were the first in Australia to offer Varian’s HyperArc technology benefitting patients with multiple tumours in the brain and lung.

Alongside our multidisciplinary team of clinical and technical experts, Icon is able to use this technology to the full, installing cutting-edge software designed to deliver treatments of a world-class standard to a wide-range of cancers.

Our centre is equipped with:

Varian’s Halcyon SystemTM – the latest in radiation therapy treatment technology:

  • Icon was the first in Australia to install a Halcyon System
  • Designed to target tumours with pinpoint precision while reducing secondary radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs
  • Suitable for a wide range of cancers including prostate, breast, head and neck
  • Offers a range of patient friendly features designed to increase patient comfort – soft lighting, integrated communication functionality, moveable patient bed
  • Treatment can often take less than 10 minutes and is designed to increase comfort for patients
  • Can reduce severity of some radiation therapy side effecy

Bringing advanced technology to China

A number of Icon radiation technologists from Australia undertook a six month secondment in China to help train local staff and implement advanced radiation therapy techniques and processes. Kaitlin Reid and Zoe Vasilakis were members of this team and presented a poster on Icon’s expansion in to China at ESTRO meets Asia 2019 – a peak radiation oncology conference. The poster focuses on the commissioning of Halcyon and learning outcomes. Read the full poster here.

Treatment techniques

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